Monday, October 24, 2016

DAY 10 - 34.5 Miles

What a great day!!  Yes, we walked a lot through nowhere in really rural country, but we started the day by stopping at the house where Buddy Holly recorded "That'll Be The Day" in 1957 and finished the day visiting the Billy The Kid Museum.  The museum not only showcased Billy's life and death at the hand of Pat Garrett, but also displayed so many artifacts of the late 1800s and the first half of the 1900s. There were guns, cowboy items, old glasses and plates, old toys, tools, farm equipment, washing machines, typewriters, cameras, signs, a stagecoach, covered wagons and buck boards, and a huge room of antique cars and trucks and much more. We talked with the owner, 84, whose parents collected much of the memorabilia and opened the place in one room in 1953.  We also talked to a nice couple and their 2 sons who were visiting.  
While we were out on the road, we saw a man walking along with his dog on a leash and rolling a huge balloon/ball painted like a globe. What a sight!!  This guy was walking in small segments to raise awareness for Diabetes.  He had no support and was relying on the kindness of strangers to help him get from place to place with his van. Today he had left it with some guy he met who said he would pick him up later. We gave him water, fruit and cheese and said we would take him out for dinner with us if he showed up in town, but we didn't hear from him. Maybe we'll see him on the road tomorrow. 

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