Tuesday, October 18, 2016

DAY 4 - 32.8 Miles

Another beautiful day but fortunately a little cooler. We're trucking along and meeting some folks along the way. A sheriff stopped Pat because his mother called him and told him there was someone walking along the road and he should check on her. Eva walked through a construction area, and the flagger asked where she was going.  After hearing the story, she took Eva's  photo, and said she would post it on the Texas DOT website.  It was a really slow day for the flagger.  We saw a couple of dead rattlesnakes and skunks and finally saw a few clouds, which made for a pretty sunset. 
We had to drive about 30 miles north to get on another road, so we walked 10.5 of them and will bank that mileage for later when we might not want to walk on the highway or over a mountain pass. 
Keep those comments coming. We love hearing from you. Carolyn, we're glad you're back on, and Richard, you were able to leave a comment this time. 

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