Wednesday, October 19, 2016

DAY 5 - 36.4 Miles

It was a little cooler this morning, and we started earlier because we were closer to where we finished yesterday, so we walked a little more today. Pretty much the same scenery - ranches, cotton fields and huge pieces of equipment harvesting and sorting, and a small town.  Maxine had an encounter with a very nice rancher who stopped to see if she needed any help, and they had a nice conversation. 
Usually we do laundry in the motels, but there was no facility today, so after we cleaned up, we went to the local laundromat, put our clothes in the washer, hit the Walmart (we're in a bigger town for the next 2 nights), and went back to use the dryer. What an interesting half hour!!  First we enjoyed making friends with 2 adorable girls ages 9 and 6 and chatting with their parents and 12 year old sister. We all watched out the window as 2 young men carrying ducks walked by along with 2 little boys. Then 2 police cars arrived, the ducks were driven off in one, and they boys were detained by the other.  The family said there was a pond a few block away, and the young men probably stole them from there. Check out the photos. 
We ate dinner at a cute local restaurant, and not only did we chat with the owner, but there was a couple eating next to us, and we really enjoyed talking to them. They were relatively new to the area and were so nice. They even gave us their phone number in case we needed anything.  We took photos with them, and they posted one of us on their FB page. They promised to follow our blog.  While we love walking and being out on the road and seeing our great country up close, the experiences we have engaging with people along the way are so special. 

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  1. I hope the blog tuns into a inspirational book...for other IRON GRANNIES to pursue adventures you ladies ROCK .