Wednesday, October 26, 2016

DAY 12 - 33.5 Miles

Another good day walking through a couple of small towns. Unfortunately, there were many boarded up businesses, gas stations and houses. One town has 50 people, but it does have a post office. Not much on the road except for a few cows, lots of grasshoppers and crickets, both dead and alive, and a construction area that will become a wind farm. 
On the way back to the hotel we stopped at the Blue Hole, a natural spring that is 81 feet deep and 61 degrees. It is a haven for scuba divers. No one was there when we arrived, so we took some photos of this beautiful spot, and then other people arrived.  We had great conversations with a few people from Michigan and a really nice couple of locals. Their nephew was visiting along with his wife and a young man, Leon, who was traveling with them. Leon jumped in the water and swam around while we videoed the plunge and then shared it with them.  Everyone wanted to take photos with us after hearing about our walk, and then we all got together for a group photo taken by someone else who came along. Another great chance encounter with really nice folks.  The local couple even recommended a restaurant for dinner and said they would try to contact the local paper about our adventure. 

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  1. Check out the classic car museum on 66. Hope you enjoyed the diners.