Saturday, October 22, 2016

DAY 8 - 34.5 Miles

We walked to New Mexico!!  Another great day. After spending last night in NM, we drove back 27 miles, walked the first half of the day on a really rural road with more farmland and a huge cattle area that was either a slaughterhouse or a ranch to raise cattle to sell. There were so many of them crammed together on dirt - no grass.  The second half of the day was walking through a couple of small towns and then a larger city of 47,000.  We went directly from the road to a movie theater and saw The Accountant, which was really good. In the parking lot while walking to the car, a couple in a truck stopped us to ask about our shirts, and we had a really nice conversation with them.  They also recommended a nearby restaurant for dinner. Since there is a big softball tournament in town, there were several teams eating in their uniforms, so we were ok to be there in our walking clothes, too.  We also had a nice conversation with a couple of women players. 
Some thoughts as we leave Texas behind us - we really liked this state because the local people were so nice and friendly, the scenery was interesting, the rural areas especially were very clean, and even the small houses were well kept.  The drivers on the road were always waving at us, people stopped to see if we needed help a few times, and we felt very safe here. 
We made if back to the hotel to see the last 4 innings of the Cubs' win. Go Cubbies!!!!

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