Sunday, October 23, 2016

DAY 9 - 36.7 Miles

Another good day of walking but not much to see other than grassland. There were very few ranches and only a half dozen cows. There wasn't even much roadkill.  What we did have all day were trains in both directions. Yesterday we were held up for almost 10 minutes by a long and slow train going through town as we were walking and driving. Today we walked parallel and close to the tracks. It is amazing how much "stuff" is being transported.  The majority of what we saw was containers and trucks without cabs, but there were also coal cars, oil tankers, automobile carriers, and one whole train was all flatbeds carrying army equipment - jeeps, tanks and ambulances in desert camouflage.  
Tonight on the way back from dinner we drive by a small rock and roll hall of fame in town. Buddy Holly wrote Peggy Sue around here. 

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  1. Really enjoy your photo's and commentary. Thanks for sharing you day! Jacque