Thursday, November 3, 2016

DAY 18 - 42.6 Miles

After breakfast at the cafe next to our little 8 room motel, we headed out. It was cloudy and cool and windy on the second leg. We crossed the Continental Divide and were looking forward to having some pie in Pie Town, but the famous Pie-O-Neer restaurant is only open Thurs-Sat, so we missed out. There was another place open, but it was too early, and we chose not to drive 30 miles round trip to go back for questionable pie.  Checked into another small motel in the next town, and the woman behind the counter in the restaurant said she had seen us walking several days ago back in another town. The hotel owner came to our rooms and fixed the tvs so we could watch the Cubs win Game 6 after we had dinner in the restaurant and talked to some of the locals. 

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