Saturday, November 19, 2016

DAY 36 - Sightseeing in San Diego

We had a great last day together which started with a really good breakfast in a real restaurant down from our hotel in LaJolla, not a breakfast buffet in a motel. We were joined by Pat's niece, Rebecca, and Mary Kay's niece, Rita, and it was nice to chat with them. We drove to Coronado, and just so we didn't get withdrawal from not walking, we walked along the beach for 3 miles and then checked out the famous Hotel Del Coronado.  After that we drove to Balboa Park and walked through the cactus and rose gardens. The roses were spectacular, and there were so many unusual varieties.  We thought we might walk around Old Town San Diego, but after getting there and driving through some of it, we decided it was too touristy and headed back to LaJolla for a final Starbucks stop followed by walking to the beach to watch the sun set. It was cloudy, but that only enhanced the beautiful colors in the sky. Definitely a special end to the day.  After quick showers, we drank another bottle of champagne before going out to a nice restaurant for our celebratory and farewell dinner. 

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  1. You woman are so so amazing....exploreres....acheivers.....and WOMAN.....I admire you all so very much....know some of the grannies are from Colorado....I write this from Estes Park, Colorado...not much snow so far ladies.....we leave soon....
    so enjoyed your blog, and see the interesting things most of us, do not , since most of us do not take the off roads on our travels...again many thinks...