Monday, November 14, 2016

DAY 31 - 39.1 Miles

We made it to California, and we've walked over 1,000 miles so far!!!  We had an interesting morning in Arizona as we walked to the junction of Interstate 10.  As we left breakfast at the café across the street from our hotel, we noticed two bikers eating there, too, but did not get to talk to them.  While we were walking, they rode past some of us and said hi, but since we were leapfrogging, when Mary Kay was walking, they rode up to her and walked their bikes with her for 2 miles. She had a great chat with them, and when they arrived at the car where Maxine was waiting, she joined the conversation, and found out that one of the guys went to USF in Tampa and had graduated from FAMU Pharmacy school in the same class and is still good friends with a guy to whom Maxine and Marty had given a college scholarship so he could attend USF. What a small world. We took photos of each other, and Eric had Maxine record a little video for Carlos. 
After we drove 37 miles on I 10 using miles we had "banked" from walking extra miles in Arizona, we walked a few more miles before finding our hotel which just happened to be located across from a Starbucks. Of course we had to go there because it was 88 degrees out, we gained an hour crossing the state line, and it was a BOGO afternoon. We saw a couple of girls there whom Eva had seen riding on the road and started talking to them. They, too, are riding across the country and heading to St. Augustine. They are from Canada, and we enjoyed chatting with them and hope to follow them on their journey as we are now FB friends. Our next cool encounter was at the bakery/sandwich shop where we went for dinner.  Our server, Alex, the owners' 17 year old son, was so enthusiastic about the food and so friendly that we were hooked before we even tasted a bite. He even gave us a dessert sample, and we bought some goodies to take with us tomorrow. We finished the day with a trip to the local laundromat as our hotel did not have a washer or dryer. 


  1. super cool - all those stories and people !

  2. super cool - all those stories and people !