Thursday, November 17, 2016

DAY 34 - 33.5 Miles

After eating a breakfast at a cute cafe in town, we drove back to where we stopped yesterday and walked up and over a mountain pass and out of the desert. What a change of scenery.  We used a total of 30 banked miles today to avoid having to walk on the most winding mountain pass with no good shoulder, and because we had more than enough to get us from Julian to Ramona as well as up the pass to Julian. We spent some time walking around Julian, which is at 4,000 feet and was 52 degrees. It's a historic mining town, and we watched tour guides driving hansom cabs around and ate some great pie and cinnamon ice cream at a little cafe. That more than made up for the pie we missed in Pie Town.  After the drive to Ramona, we walked to Poway and had probably our best dinner so far.  Tomorrow we hope to get to the Pacific Ocean!!!

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  1. Hi Grannies:
    These photos brought back good memories. (Well, mostly good: I think it was raining when were in Julian). Bill and I were on a biking tour of the Anza Borega desert, etc. We ate pie at the restaurant you described. We stayed in the same hotel. It was in February and we expecting warm California desert weather. WRONG!!! We nearly froze our a---s off!!! Never have been so cold!!!!
    Carry on---sounds like the finish line is nearly in sight!