Sunday, November 6, 2016

DAY 23 - 32.7 Miles

We walked to Payson today through the Tonto National Forest, one of the largest forests in the country, and it was so beautiful. It was a gorgeous day with no clouds, temps in the 60s, a lot of downhill, and huge shoulders on the road. The forest has lots of pine trees and the area looks like northern Wisconsin. After a stop at the Starbucks in Safeway, we drove to Tucson.  It was another beautiful drive through the forest, but we also saw a lot of Saguaro cactus, the state flower, drove by Roosevelt Lake, saw lots of red rocks and some mountains and stopped at the Tonto National Monument where we hiked up a trail to see cliff dwellings of the Salado Indians from the 13th and 14th centuries. The views were quite spectacular, and there was a huge variety of vegetation including many different cacti. 
We decided to go to Tucson so we could spend a couple of nights with Peggy and Arch in their new home. They were such gracious hosts, and we loved staying with them when we were in Houston, so when they invited us to Tucson, we went. They are such good sports to have us after being in their new house for only 2 weeks!!

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  1. Gorgeous landscapes. Gorgeous photos. Gorgeous Grannies!!!!
    Glad you see you, Mary Kay.
    You all are making great mileage. You'll be seeing the Pacific in no time.