Saturday, November 5, 2016

DAY 22 - 46.8 Miles

A record walking day today as it was cloudy and chilly but not raining.  More rolling hills and lots of trees, and there were a couple of areas that might have been burned at some time.  As we were packing the car in the hotel parking lot, we ran into Marty Rainy and his buddy, Chris. Marty is the host of Discovery Channel's Homestead Rescue, and Chris is in production. We had a fun conversation with them, and Chris lives in Brooklyn only a few blocks from where Maxine grew up. They were headed to Montana to film season 2 of the show. We'll look for it when we get home. Before we drove out of town to start walking, we went back to take photos of the statue in the middle of a park depicting the Seven Up (not poker) game that was played for the land on which the town was built.  Tonight at dinner we talked to several people in the local restaurant.  One couple had seen us walking on the road earlier, one guy recognized our Gasparilla jackets, and a young girl who had a birthday party in one of the rooms gave us some leftover birthday cake.

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  1. I knew if ya'll were persistent enough, ya'll would catch yourself a cowboy!
    Keep headin' west, Grannies. Thinking aboutcha!!!!