Thursday, November 10, 2016

DAY 27 - 19.4 Miles

We walked in the morning and then went to the Musical Instrument Museum where we spent a few hours seeing all kinds of instruments from all over the world in various displays. There was one huge section devoted to individuals and groups with video displays on tvs of the artists playing and singing. The old footage was quite nostalgic, and the displays also contained memorabilia such as Elvis' guitar, Johnny Cash's black outfit, John Phillip Sousa's instruments and John Denver's guitar.  There were also rooms dedicated to each major continent with displays and music from almost every country.  We were given headsets that automatically turned on when we approached the tv in each display. We enjoyed the hands on area where we played the harp, guitars and various sets of drums. Joanne went to the museum with us, and Char met us there at the end. She took Maxine back to their house and then out to dinner while everyone else went with Joanne who met friends Doris and Morris for dinner. 

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