Thursday, November 10, 2016

DAY 25 - 28.9 Miles

Today we walked west on a street south of Phoenix that had sidewalks all the way. It was mostly one housing subdivision after another with a few shopping centers sprinkled in between. Then we drove north, made a Starbucks stop and took a guided tour of Taliesan West, Frank Lloyd Wright's summer home. We learned a lot about the man and his architecture and were able to walk around the grounds and the sculpture garden as well as go inside his living room, bedroom, bath, theater and more. There were students working on degrees, so we could only look in the dining and kitchen areas and watch them working on computers. After that visit we walked a little more on a road that was one huge shopping center after another before going to our friend Joanne's beautiful home in Scottsdale. She is a gourmet cook and made us a fabulous meal which we ate outside in her atrium on a gorgeous night. We talked until after 11 catching up. 

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