Thursday, November 3, 2016

DAY 19 - 42.2 Miles

After breakfast with the locals at our motel's cafe, we walked in to Arizona. It was 36 degrees when we began, but it was sunny and warmed up nicely.  The scenery was beautiful with rolling hills, red rocks, mesas, and a couple of mountains.  After walking we went to a visitor center in town and took a guided tour of Casa Malpais, a Hopi and Zuni Indian Pueblo that is located in the Round Valley and was established in 1250. The natives lived there until 1400, and there were lots of ruins and rocks to walk through. We saw the kiva that was used for ceremonies, outlines of rooms where they lived, petroglyphs (carvings on rocks), a pictograph ( painted on the rock with some of the reddish clay), and a rock where they tied eagles to use their feathers in ceremonies among other areas. The whole pueblo was built on volcanic material, so the rocks on top are natural, and then the natives built the structures below with rocks that were put together with no mortar. We also scrambled up some rocks to get a 360 degree view from  the top. Our guide, Jeff, was so enthusiastic and knowledgable, and we were so fortunate that Mary Kay found out about this tour.  We topped our day off by going to a sports bar for dinner so we could watch the start of Game 7. There is no Daylight Saving  Time in Arizona, so we gained another hour, and the games started at 5:00.  What a game it was!!  Way to go, Cubbies!!!

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