Tuesday, February 16, 2016

DAY 11 - 24.8 Miles

Today was beautiful after major thunderstorms and tornado warnings last night. We are getting better and better at figuring out the leapfrogging and did our highest mileage total and passed the 200 mile mark!  We are at 220!  We walked through a historic town with an old Coke sign on a building. In the 1800s the mayor and the bank told  everyone to buy shares of Coca-Cola, and the townspeople were among the wealthiest in the state. There are still some really nice old time Florida homes. We may have seen a dead bobcat, definitely a dead bunny, a couple of live horses, a donkey and a goat.  It was finally warm enough to put our feet in the pool after we returned to the hotel, but the water was cold. 


  1. What extraordinary stories you will have to pass along to your families and especially your grand children.....WOW.
    Great to catch up with you Pat......enjoy your travels and know we all hold you all in our hearts as you go.....

  2. Loving all of your beautiful photos and journaling - be safe and continue to have a ball!