Monday, February 29, 2016

DAY 24 - 24 MILES

We hit 500 miles today, and it was the prettiest day of walking.  We walked the almost 3 mile Biloxi Bay Bridge on a 10 foot wide pedestrian/ bike path over gorgeous water and then walked along the beach in Biloxi. There were several structures showing the water lines of Hurricanes Katrina and Camille, and the restaurant we ate in tonight had a Katrina waterline above our heads on the second floor!!  There are still many concrete slabs on the water side from places that were demolished and not rebuilt, but the beaches are pristine and white, and the vegetation has come back. Several dead trees have been carved and preserved as sculptures. 


  1. Bill and I are eagerly following your every post and are simply amazed that you keep making these incredible mileages every day. Are you on steroids, or what?
    You go, grannies!
    (Inspired by you, I've upped my walks in the neighborhood to 4 miles instead of 3. Bwaaaaaaaa! )

  2. the pictures are wonderful...thanks for sharing them...and Thanks to all of you for sharing your exciting journey/adventure with us all....Go Grannies

  3. Great photos of all of you. Enjoy the beach walking!