Wednesday, February 17, 2016

DAY 12 - 23 MILES

Another beautiful day with a more hilly route that took us through Chatahoochie which is where the state mental hospital is located.  We were not committed!!
We had a few funny incidents today. At breakfast in the hotel there was a family, grandfather, daughter and 2 kids who were interested in what we were doing. They did not believe it at first, but the older child told them to look at our shirts and then the grandpa said to us, "Y'all do know you ain't no spring chickens, don't you?"  While sitting on a bench in Chatahoochie eating lunch, a woman drove by, stopped, asked us what we were doing, got out of her car and chatted with us for a while.  She even went to see if the newspaper editor was in so she could come and take our photo, but that didn't happen. 
Sights along the road were an old cemetery with headstones from the 1800s that we walked around, Three Rivers State Park, dead armadillo, deer, possum and rabbit, and a Kid riding a horse in his yard. 
Coming tomorrow - a special post of roadkill photos!!

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