Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thank You Family And Friends

As we make our final preparations (Jacque and Mary Kay leave Denver this afternoon, and Maxine and Pat drive to Jacksonville tomorrow), we want to collectively thank our families and friends for their love and support, especially the last week.  (Is that when you believed we were actually going?) 
Thank you for the numerous phone calls, emails, texts, FB posts,  dinner, lunch and coffee sendoffs, the care packages and gifts, and the big hugs you gave us in the grocery stores, on the streets and wherever else we saw you.  Thanks also to those of you who still think we are nuts and shouldn't go as we know you have our best interest in mind.  We take you all with us in spirit and hope you will keep in touch with us via cell phones, emails or leaving comments on the blog.


  1. as I told Pat during a lovely lunch Tuesday....You woman are totally AMAZING....Go Grannie GO

  2. From Australia where Bill and I have been on a house exchange for a lovely month:
    Go, grannies, go! All our good wishes go with you. You are at the top of our list of admirable people.
    Can't wait to read your blogs and go with you vicariously.
    Bill and Carolyn Schwartz