Thursday, February 18, 2016

DAY 13 - 22.1 miles

The highlight today was stopping at the Visitor Center in town and talking to the director of the Chamber of Commerce. She took our photo and some information and thinks an article will be published in the local rag newspaper.  We also talked to an older guy who told us about the Civil War Battle and some of the history of the area.  We added to the roadkill list: anyone remember this guy from Biology lab?  A couple of us saw a freshly hit deer being carted off by the police but could not get a photo 


  1. Speaking of road-kill: A couple of years ago, our oldest grandson brought some fresh deer roadkill to our Thanksgiving dinner and cooked it as appetizers (BARF!) Everyone ('cept me) loved it!
    Hey! Don't you gals ever take a day off? When do you have time for important things like facials, manicures, pedicures, etc.? Seriously! YOU ROCK!

    1. What fantastic pictures--and what road kill!!! We shall miss you tonight, Mary Kay. Want to wish you a fun, happy, healthy walking birthday Sunday!! Charlene and Judd XOXOX