Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I just spent an hour recapping but the internet went out at the hotel and my work was lost. I'm not republishing everything, but here's a briefer recap:
We have walked about 76 miles in 4 days on a busy road in Jax, a bike path and now on a 2 lane highway. We lucked out on rain so far, but it has been chilly, and strong winds have been in our face for the last few days causing us to wear a variety of layers, gloves, ear bands, etc and slow us down a lot. We have been out for 6 1/2 - 8 hrs a day, have encountered beer cans, roadkill and assorted other trash along the road as well as people we've met who are interested in our journey, like the servers in a Subway who took our photo to publish on their website, and the hotel clerk who wanted our blog site so he could follow us. So far, everything is working out well. 


  1. Way to go girls. It's great fun thinking of you during the day and checking your blog in the evening.

  2. Oh, you look cold, gals! Now I'm feeling like a total dead-beat because it was in the mid 20s here in NC today with windchill making it even colder, so I decided NOT to walk around my neighborhood like I usually do. WIMPY ME! I'll do better tomorrow, I promise. And you will be my role models, my dears! Keep it up!
    Sending warm hugs! Carolyn