Tuesday, February 23, 2016

DAY 18 - 16.5 MILES

It was supposed to rain today, and we only wanted to get to a certain spot before we had to go over a long bridge to a different area, so we had a short day walking near the beaches. Maxine had to go to Muri's dentist to get a filling replaced. Many thanks to Dr. Jamison Plantz and his staff for fast, friendly and painless service.  After the walking we strolled along a couple of beach areas and were amazed at the white, fine sand and almost no shells. 
The big news today is that our article will be published tomorrow and is already online at www.thedestinlog.com 
We are spending another night with Muri and Tim, our fabulous host family, and watching the thunderstorms and tornado warning in the area. Thanks, everyone, for your calls, texts and emails. 


  1. Yah, doesn't sound like a good day to be traipsing around in the rain and battling headwinds (or any kind of winds.) Take a break, play checkers or mahjong---more appropriate activities for old ladies like you! (just kidding---keep it up, grannies---)
    An admirer!

  2. I'm smiling that 16 miles is considered a "short" day! Hi to Mary Kay and good luck to all.