Friday, February 12, 2016

DAY 7 - 20 miles

A really nice and warm day. Maybe we should be careful what we wish for. Some interesting sights were crossing the Suwanee River (photo of Pat), a huge chicken processing plant and many trucks full of chickens on the way to slaughter (they stunk as the trucks drove by us and feathers were flying around us), a peanut farm, more tree farms, more churches, logging trucks, a cemetery, a dead cardinal, a dead chicken, more roadkill, and a few really nice houses. We had a snack sitting on the curb of a gas station and a nice conversation with an 86 year old lady missing a few front teeth who wished she could have joined our group. Jacque walked 11.6 miles- her longest day. 
I forgot to mention earlier that Maxine and Jacque signed up for Charity Miles which is a free phone app that is sponsored by different businesses each day ( so far we've had Humana, J&J, and Chobani).  It accurately tracks mileage and donates 25 cents per mile to a charity you select each time from a list. Maxine is supporting Feeding America, and Jacque chooses a different one each day. So we are doing some good, too. And we may donate all the money we find along the way. So far I think we have 1 quarter, 3 dimes and 7 pennies.  This is how we entertain ourselves on the road. 


  1. Great photo! There's a bit of Glazier history!
    I think you should save the change you find along the road for if you come across a kids lemonade stand along your route through a little town.

  2. I remember biking in Suwannee area years ago. Some of the characters around there look straight out of the movie Deliverance. Don't be tempted to go off drinking with any of them, ladies!

  3. Lovin' the photos, culture, and wildlife on the way! What a story-filled adventure. Keep on trucking'!