Thursday, February 11, 2016

DAY 6 - 22 miles

Highlight of the day was reaching 100 miles!  (first photo). We did 22 because Jacque, our driver today, walked 2 miles thru town waiting for us. Her knee is much better after she fell on Tues accidentally stepping off the shoulder.  We had a nice stop at a Shell station where we sat on milk crates (second photo).  
It was so much better weather. Although 40 when we started, it warmed up, and finally the wind died down.   There was more to see along the way today including a blueberry farm, tree farms and the Suwanee Golf Club-we even found a golf ball on the road which actually had a few small hills for a change. 


  1. Congrats in the 100 mile-milestone. Glad weather was a little better. Looks like it too from the pics, no coats, winter hats or gloves. Kinda even looks like you could be in Florida !

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  3. Glad the weather has improved. Heck, one expects warm weather in FL, not chilly wind! Hope the weather continues to cooperate like today. Jacque - no falling! That's not in the description of walking ....