Tuesday, March 1, 2016

DAY 25 - 22.4 MILES

Another beautiful day along the Mississippi coast, and all of our mileage was on a sidewalk next to the beach. There were several tarn nesting areas, a huge marina, and lots of undeveloped stretches.  The whole area was devastated by Katrina, and we were told that all of the houses across the street from the beach are new and built on stilts. The towns we walked through have done a wonderful job rebuilding, and we were glad to see so many people out walking, running and biking. We all met at the cutest coffee shop/bookstore in Pass Christian and enjoyed a drink, a rest stop and perusing their bookshelves. 
We then moved into Jim and Deborah's Biloxi condo and are loving it. Thanks so much again for your generous hospitality  
The other news of the day is that our friend, Steve Otto, wrote another great article about us in the Tampa Tribune.  If you Google Iron Grannies, you should find it. Thanks, Steve. Maxine & Pat really enjoyed talking to you on Sunday. 
We are really enjoying the local seafood restaurants as they are a major step up from the Subway and Arby's we had back in the Florida Panhandle before we hit Destin. 


  1. You go Iron Grannies! You are amazing!

  2. So proud of you amazing Grannies!!! Love your blog