Wednesday, March 16, 2016

DAY 40 - 30 MILES

Flooding is still the big news around here, so we decided to reroute ourselves and drive north as our original route was shut down. We walked 16 miles west to where we could go no further, drove north about 30 miles, checked in to our hotel and then walked west for another 14 miles.  Hopefully our new route to Texas will still be open tomorrow.  Not much on the road today, but definitely less roadkill, nicer houses, pretty azaleas blooming, lots of traffic with the detours, but a wide shoulder, and more logging trucks. At least the pine smell as they drove by was very pleasant.  We finally saw a cute live animal just waiting to have his photo taken. 

1 comment:

  1. LOVIN the picture of a real live cute animal !!!
    and I hear ya, about getting out of Louisiana.
    p.s. When Muri and I drove to Destin for spring break in college, I didn't even like driving through Louisiana. detours, and weird scary rural roads, - felt like we were in Deliverance !