Wednesday, March 23, 2016

DAY 46 - 35.6 MILES

We had a little trouble getting back to where we finished yesterday, and we had to quit early because we walked on a highway that ran out of shoulder and grass, and we still walked over 35 miles. The first section was a combination of rural ranches and flowers for two of us and a more congested high volume of traffic road with good shoulders for the third.  We also walked near an area that burned in 2012.  After we were forced to find another route, we drove south, checked out a road for tomorrow and found a hotel.  We had an hour relaxing by the pool.  
The big news is that we have only 120 miles left to walk before we get to halfway across the country. We plan to walk west and do a little sightseeing along the way.  Then we will return to Austin, spend a couple of days with friends of Maxine's, Pat will return for one last night and then drive back with Maxine after they drop the Colorado crew at the airport.  We cannot believe we will leave in a week!

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  1. Signs of spring there. The CO contingent will come home to snow!