Monday, March 7, 2016

DAY 31 - 25.5 MILES

We hit 600 miles today and that is halfway!!  The other big news is that Eva is planning to join us on Thurs or Fri. We miss Pat (not the snoring), and now that we have to drive every third day, we let the driver walk the last three miles today, which was really good. Spring has arrived here, and the bushes and trees are starting to bloom.  Tonight we went out for dinner with the granddaughter of one of Mary Kay's friends. She is a senior in college here, and since she lives close to our hotel, she picked us up and drove us to a nice restaurant in town where another friend of hers joined us. We really enjoyed being with the young girls. 

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  1. Iron Grannies...thanks for sending Pat back home..she has mentioned she has been to 4 publix stores now to catch up...Enjoy your great adventures.....Thanks for sharing the trip with others!