Tuesday, March 8, 2016

DAY 32 - 21.5 MILES

Not much along the road today except a few coins, and a couple of small towns with very small shoulders so the walking was slow as we had to walk a lot on the grass.  The logging trucks were back, and we passed a huge Wehyerhauser plant where the loaded trucks were entering, and the empty ones were leaving to get another load.  It looks like our string of good weather has run out as it is supposed to rain hard for the next three days. We may have to look for some movie theaters to occupy our time. Since we have no photos from today, here are a few that were not blog worthy earlier: a house on Pensacola Beach, a sign in front of a church- too bad we were not there for the sale as we could have traded in a few kids, and if anyone needs a hog trap, we may still be able to get one. 

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