Monday, March 28, 2016

DAY 52 - Iron Grannies Play Tourist

We did not set our alarm for 7am, woke up at 8 and had a leisurely breakfast before packing up.  We didn't make sandwiches for lunch or take anything from the breakfast buffet for snacks.  After driving for 45 minutes we arrived at the Wimberly Glass Works between San Marcos and Wimberly.  Unfortunately, they do not have glass blowing exhibitions on Mondays, but we did visit their showroom and enjoyed their beautiful glass display.   Then we were off to Austin to see the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  The first thing we did was actually sit down and have lunch in their cafe - quite different from eating in the car or while walking along the road. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking all around the gardens (can't go cold turkey), and we really enjoyed a beautiful day among the wildflowers, trees, trails and exhibits. Lady Bird was quite the environmentalist and did so much for the beautification not only of Texas but also for other national parks in the country.  She founded the Wildflower Center with Helen Hayes when she was 70. Bet she would have loved to do the walk with us.  After a stop at Starbucks we drove to Maxine's friends, Alice and Tony, where we will stay until Thurs. Many thanks to them for hosting us in their fabulous Austin house.  We look forward to touring around with Alice tomorrow. 

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