Sunday, March 13, 2016

DAY 37 - 28.1 MILES

Iron Grannies are back on the road!!!!  Sunny this morning so we packed up and left our new friends at the Comfort Suites (not many people stay there for 5 days, so they really liked having us), and then we drove over the Mississippi River and started walking.  We're breaking Eva in to our routine, and she was quite relieved to know that she did not have to walk 25 miles every day herself.   We even let the driver walk the last 5 miles since no one needed a full day off bafter sitting around for 3 days. The rivers are definitely high, and there is a lot of standing water off the sides of the road, but there is no flooding on our route so far. 


  1. Hats off to all of you!!!
    This is Nancy Khanna from WWA wishing you fun filled memories and happy walking
    Following your blog!

    1. Maxine;
      Love all the pics and postings, what a joy to read about your journey
      Could you include what roads you are on, [route #] would love to follow by map too!😘

    2. Sorry Nancy but we don't post exactly where we are since there is no privacy on the blog. Ask Rita For my email address and I will reply to you.

  2. That's unbelievable mileage! My feet hurt just reading about it! Good Luck as you proceed.