Thursday, March 17, 2016

DAY 41 - 37.1 MILES

We walked in to Texas today!!!  After walking we drove south, and when we start again tomorrow, if there is no rain, we will be back on our original route.  So far Texas is nice - less roadkill and nicer homes, ranches and farms.  There is still a lot of flooding in places, and I10 is still shut down. It's St. Patty's Day so we went to a sports bar near our hotel for dinner and watched basketball. A local radio station was there with a money machine, and Mary Kay and Maxine each collected $23. Mary Kay got a $20 bill and 3 singles, and Maxine pulled down 23 singles. 


  1. Remember: The eyes of Texas are upon you---all the livelong day!!!
    Sometime, please explain how you achieve 30 miles or more per day. Taking turns on the road??? Counting each person's mileages????
    Welcome to Texas. You'll be at your destination by the end of the month, maybe?

  2. Congratulations on reaching Texas and winning all that money!

  3. What did you buy with all that money?