Monday, March 14, 2016

DAY 38 - 36.5 MILES - A New Record!!

Today was a banner day!!  Not only did we set our record for mileage for one day, we also hit 700 miles total.   Today will most likely be the last day we let the driver walk because now we will be back to 3 days walking and one day driving, so we took advantage and had the driver walk the last 5 miles. It was a beautiful day, but there was so much roadkill on this stretch, possibly a result of all the recent rain.  There were many toads, frogs, possum and a lot of unidentifiable animals.  We'll save some photos for another roadkill edition if we get rained out again, but we will include a photo of a dead alligator.  We also passed some bayou areas, some nice vegetation, and the trees at the hotel are quite beautiful.  To celebrate our great day, after we checked in, we walked to Dairy Queen next door, bought Moolates and sat in the hotel gazebo for quite a while before getting cleaned up for dinner. We were really looking forward to putting our feet in the pool, but unlike Florida, Louisiana hotels do not have their pools open yet. 


  1. Love the pictures
    You go girls!

  2. IG's,
    So glad the sun is out again and you didn't have TOO much trouble in the Louisiana marshes. Also congratulations on your new record of 36.5 miles. Keep on trekking. You are an inspiration to us all.
    I'm sending Marty the "hard copies" of y'all in our BSL Sea Coast Echo. You are going to have quite the scrapbook! Envious at the Bay, Gail

  3. Poor gator looks like a painful death. Congrats on your record!